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Good news to android mobile users.

Good news to stolen or lost android mobile users, as we have lot of mobile apps where we can track our stolen or lost android mobile, however this is a advanced technology app and features like:
1) Sim notification: When the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, mobile tracker app automatically sends SMS to the registered numbers.

2) Phone status: Network operator details,software version,imei number,subscriber id,sim serial number,name of the sim operator.

3) Password recovery: You can recovery your password by entering petname.

4) Current location of your mobile:You can easily track your mobile’s exact location like H.No & Street number, City name, State name, Country name, Postal code, locality

5) Location tracker: Location of mobile with full address is shown.

6) Mobile Tracker Web: You can also find your mobile’s IMEI number, Android OS version, mobile model number and device name from our website at with registered email ID and pet name to lodge a complaint if you have lost your mobile.

Note: These functions should require internet connectivity.

7) Un-install setup: No one can un-install the app without user permission.

8) Lock my phone : Remote locking of the phone using a single SMS message.

9) Locate my phone : Remote locate of the phone using a single SMS message.

10) Wipe my phone : Remote wipe of the phone using a single SMS message.

11) Ring my phone : Remote ring of the phone in silent mode using a single SMS message.

12) Mobile current location : Share your mobile current location through social network sites like Face book, What’s up, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo email, etc…

13) Mobile Location Tracker from web:Now you can also track your mobile phone current location from our web site by doing few settings on mobile tracker app.
Step1: Login into mobile tracker app
Step2: Then click on “Location tracker on web”
Step3: Select “ON” option
Now you can also activated “Location tracker on web” service.

Additional privacy policies added:
1)Mobile tracker app uses permission to active and deactivate device administrator for un-install setup feature in the app. This app won’t use device administrator permission for any other purpose.

2) Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read the contact and make user’s to pick individual contact to store in the application and display picked contact numbers when user get in to this app.This App won’t use the contacts for any other purposes.

3)Mobile Tracker App uses permission to send SMS automatically when SIM change. SMS send by the application when SIM change, will cost you money as per SIM card network plan. This App won’t use the information in SMS for any other purposes.

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4) Mobile Tracker App uses permission to read phone state, to get the phone number of the device, current cellular network information and a list of any Phone Accounts registered on the device. All these information included in automatic SMS. This App won’t use the information for any other purposes.

5) Mobile Tracker App uses permission to access coarse and fine location, which allows an app to access approximate and precise location, to display location in Google map. This App won’t use the location information for any other purpose.

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