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Video Projector is very simple to use, you can choose videos on the phone screen

Projector for android mobile will help you to project and watch HD video player, HHD videos and high quality videos.

You cannot get real high definition video projection of high quality on mobile phone screen. This app will just act like it’s a real projector but this is just simulator app for fun and prank.

Check the phone’s screen what it might seem like to own HD top great video at the wall of your home! This video Projector is sincerely a simulator app and it will feels like a real challenge within the life and might display you the video on the display.


  1. A prank application to collect cheers moment with your friends.
  2. Too much user friendly and easy to use
  3. Video Projector Simulator simulates like working of a video animation projector by using flash light phone.
  4. Video Projector Simulator Prank FREE fun for all.
  5. Video Projector Simulator Prank is completely free download.
  6. HD graphics and beautiful use of projector.
  7. FREE fun for all.

Video Projector Simulator app is very simple to use, you can choose different videos and project on the phone screen wall using the video option.

HD Video Projector is just a prank ap since there is no any real video projector available on the phone and no such way to project videos from phone on the wall.

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This Video Projector simulator is a prank! It’s not a real Video projector, you cannot watch high definition video projection from your phone! Video Projector Simulator is created only for fun!

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