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App for Android Best Secret Recorder App latest

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Record secretly even when screen is turned off or other app is open.

Secret Video Recorder.

Record silently.
Recording continues even when your screen is turned off or other app is opened. No camera preview is visible. No one will know if you are recording.
Quickly start video or audio recording.
App widgets available for 1 touch recording.

This is NOT a screen recorder app rather than an which allows you to records videos from your camera secretly

Main Features:

• Both video and audio supported
• Works when screen is off.
• Works silently. No camera preview.
• Records even when other apps are open
• No limit on number of recordings
• No limit on recording duration
• Widgets to quickly start recording video and audio.
• Quickly start recording.
• Both front and rear camera supported
• Multiple recording quality supported right upto full HD resolution
• Define maximum duration of recording if you want.
• See all recordings in the app
• Mark important recordings
• Hide recordings from gallery
• Option to stop recording when battery is low
• Option to stop recording when SD Card space is low
• Clean design.

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Pro features
★ Start recording by sending SMS to device
★ Upload to Dropbox automatically
★ Add notes to recording
★ Password protect app

Permissions reason:
• Camera: User can record videos through app.
• Microphone: User can record audio through app.
• Contacts: Show contact list in whitelist/ blacklist feature.
• Phone: User can call contact through app.
• Storage: Store recordings on Sd card.
• SMS: Start recording from another device by sending SMS.
• Internet: Help/Guide section needs internet.
• Vibration: Enable/Disable vibration at start or stop of recording.

Are you still looking for more reasons to install ? Just give it a try and experience yourself.

For any feedback or issues please reach out at mobiledevsolns@gmail.com

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