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Artificial Intelligence Mobile SMS Chat Bot With Full CRM & Opt-In/Out Mgt

BizTexter is perfect for any business or professional that wants the lowest cost and most effective text message customer service and sms marketing available.

Not just marketing, it can automatically reply and answer texts you receive with its intelligent chat bot functionality. Hands off customer service!

Program the app to answer questions:
A customer texts to you: “How late are you open?”
BIzTexter automatic replies: “Our hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm”

With this mass SMS texting app you can upload lists of contacts and send them new or pre-saved text messages. Texts are delivered individually, NO REPLY ALL, and they don’t see the other people you sent the text.

Tired of Short Code prices? BizTexter is 50-90% less expensive than online sites!
You get more features, more control, and lower costs.

Get started with 500 FREE texts.

BizTexter SMS Marketing Features:

✔ Uses your phone number, not a short code
(Tablet version uses a dedicated phone number you select)
✔ Upload existing lists
✔ People can text you back! (unlike short-codes)
✔ Send up to 3,600 text messages per hour
✔ Store up to 500,000 contacts
✔ Program automatic replies to incoming texts
✔ Automatic grouping of contacts by behavior
✔ Send to specific lists or groups or message all contacts at once
✔ Create messages ahead of time and schedule them for future delivery

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✔ Backup contacts and preferences to SD Card and restore on another device
✔ Natural language Opt-Out makes it easy for customers to remove themselves from your list

Free Customer Service Features:

✔ Answer frequently asked questions through texting
✔ Respond to questions about your hours, location, services, etc
✔ Send automated follow-up messages like “Thank You” or “We appreciate your business”
✔ Send timed followup messages 72 hours, 10 days, 30 days and even up to 180 days later
✔ Send survey questions like “How Was Your Experience,” “How Can We Improve?,” etc

SMS Text Marketing Cost Savings:

✔ Business Texter gives you 500 texts FREE to get started
✔ No fees based on the size of your customer list
✔ Unlimited advanced features for all subscription levels
✔ Gain an advantage over the competition still using old advertising methods

Most popular uses for BizTexter?
Recruiters: Army, Air Force, College
Promoters: Concert Halls and Venues, Sports, Bands and Live Acts
Specialty Retail: Medical Marijuana and Dispensaries, Clothing and Boutique, E-cig
Event Facilities: Auctions, Bingo, Gaming and Casinos
Service Industries: Salon and Nail Tech, Employment and Staffing
Marketing and Lead Generation: Ad Agencies, Marketers and Lead Sellers
Professionals: Insurance Agents, MLM and Network Marketing, Loan and Lending

BizTexter has more powerful features than any other SMS marketing system, including website short code providers, and at a fraction of the cost.

WARNING! Do not use this app for international texting unless your phone has an unlimited international texting plan!

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