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Disable sort keys, lock touch screen, more convinient while playing game, videos

Touch Blocker provides functions to disable your sort keys and touch screen.
Touch Locking helps you protects your child or yourself from accessing accidentally while playing game or watching videos.
During protecting screens, Touch Blocker give more experience, you can enjoy your content (movies, game) without annoying touch.

App features:
– Locking sort keys (virtual keys) such HOME, BACK, RECENT completely (100% locking)
– Locking screen except notification (in case of urgent notice, you still can use phone quickly)

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  • Playing game without unexpected accident from sort key (you may lose a game by pressing BACK button suddendly)
  • Watching video more comfortable with free finger withou worry about interuption by touching
  • Listening to music video in your pocket safety

– Due to Android Policy. Device power button can not be blocked.
– If your phone is from Mi Phone/Pad (Xiaomi), please go to settings and tap the installed apps. Then find the Touch Blocker app, enable the “turn on floating windows”

If you have any queries, please contact to our support team at

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