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This simple security app has saved your mobile

Don’t touch my mobile is an Anti-theft Alarm app that will shield of your mobile from stealing and someone who will try to use quietly and not permitted by you. Once you activate the alarm, no one could touch it, because the alarm will be triggered if anybody tries to shake or hold your mobile.

It’s very simple to use just activate the alarm by tap the “ACTIVATE” button and put it on the table or fixed place. A movement will cause the alarm to sound and flashlight. Tap the “DEACTIVATE” button to stop.

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Advantages and Features:

  • Create a shortcut to the app.
  • Run in background.
  • Four digit pin code to protect
  • Loud alarm sound with flashlight
  • Smartphone motion detection.
  • PIN Password APPLOCK security.
  • This is also works when your MOBILE is off
    -You can Setup your own alarm, record your voice to frighten the interlopers.

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