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To prevent the system from removing the Dash, go to battery optimization, in the system settings, and mark Battery Dash with “Do not optimize”

Battery dash is a battery meter overlay placed on the top of your screen (and some other place).

With Battery Dash you can see the current status of your battery, if is charging or the current level by a simple color scheme.

– Shows battery in a very different ways (percentage, color bars, under the status bar)
– A large number of themes
– Shows the battery dash over other apps
– Overlap on top of the status bar
– Notification control
– Levels control by selecting when is high, medium or low battery (in percentage)

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– Pro dash themes
– Theme supporting by changing colors (levels, charging, text)
– Auto-hide on fullscreen

– Battery widgets

In order to display the battery dash on top of other apps, confirm the special access of “Draw over other apps” at the first start of the application.

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