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Keep your device away from thiefs

Ram cleaners must exclude my app
Android M introduced doze and may affect the app from running on background, some users added to the “whitelist” or not optimize for better performance

The first app to fix a security flag from your android, prevent to unwanted users turn off, mute or set airplane your device when they are in the lockscreen and bypassing the code.
This app will not block for Long press power button (10 seconds) since its hardware related.
“Ideal for avoiding shut down the device in the pocket”

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*This app can block status bar (it may not work on all devices) only in the lockscreen
* Battery Friendly
*Small and compact
* Useful for security apps like Cerberus or find your phone from Google, you don’t want people can turn off the device so easily

This App may work or may NOT work (working on 90% of devices including lollipop and marshmallow) .
*No root

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