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App for Android Secret Gallery Locker Latest Download

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Secret Gallery Locker

Torch Vault – Hide Pictures & Videos

This is a smart and secret gallery vault by Hide behind torch.

Hide your secret photos and videos behind secret gallery locker.


1. Hide photos & Videos.
2. Hide Audios.
3. Create Secret Notes.
4. Uninstall Protection.
5. Fake Passcode for display empty vault.


*This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

1. Device Administrator permission(android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN): Use to prevent accidentally uninstall.

2. Use FingerPrint: Use to open vault with your FingerPrint.

3. Read/Write Storage Permission: Use to get Files from storage for hide/unhide.

4. Internet Permission: Use to showing ads.


All the Images are used in this app screenshots are get from www.pexels.com. all the images credits goes to www.pexels.com and Images Authors.
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