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lets hide your online status and Hide blue read ticks from chat

Unseen Chat, Hide Blue Ticks from Chat is the pretty good solution of reading your messages in Incognito Mode. If you are more careful about your privacy, and you want to read your messages on WhatsApp without letting the senders know that you have read their message, then install Unseen Chat app.

Unseen Online App, Hidden Seen, No Last Seen app secures your privacy. Unseen App hides “blue double ticks, read receipts, read marks, or last seen.” By using Unseen, you can experience a very interesting experience by enjoying reading messages still unseen to the senders.
Unseen Chat, Hide Blue Ticks from Chat, Hide online seen has designed just to ensure your privacy. You don’t need to go offline for reading the chats on multifarious apps, just keep privacy. Install Unseen and enjoy the best advantageous of this app. Enjoy reading your messages without making blue tick marks, last seen, or appearing online. It provides the best features one has never experience before.

You will enjoy using the Unseen/Hidden Seen App. After installing the Unseen Chat App, you can open conversation with anyone whenever you please.
– Hides blue double ticks.
– Doesn’t let know the senders about your being online or offline.
– Hides Last Seen, Seen, Read Receipts, Read Marks.
– Secures your privacy.
– Hides the sign of appearing online.
– Can recover your deleted messages, audio clips, photos and videos.
– Works wonderfully well on different apps.
– Keeps your chat secure and unseen.
Working Procedure/How to Use
After opening the app, you’ll get option on your screen which will enable you to click the right button. It’s an easy-to-use app which works simply and on numerous apps. It doesn’t have complicated procedure which confuses you. Just click the app, and after pressing the prescribed button, the Unseen will start working.

Unseen Status App
Unseen Chatting App
Unseen Chat App
No Seen Chat App.
No Last Seen Chat App
No Blue Marks Chat App
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No Read Receipts Chat App
Hidden Seen Chat App
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